THE DANISH GIRL:  Last years Best Actor Oscar winner, Eddie Redmayne turns in another award worthy performance as the pioneering trandgender, Lili Elba in this fact based story of her journey. A  brilliant perfomance by Mr. Redmayne is matched by the equally stunning turn by Alicia Vikander as his loyal wife who helps him on the road to finding himself.  Shot brilliantly in Paris and Copenhagen, the film evokes the 20's and that eras morals as well as it's uncertain understanding of such issues.  He/she was called insane because of the feeling that he was really a woman inside.  But with the love of his wife and a few loyal friends he overcame his fear and was the first transgender to have sexual reorientation.  Not for everyone, this film is a stunning portrait of what it must be like to be in that position.  Nominated for Golden Globes, I trust the Mr. Redmayne and Ms, Vikander will also get Oscar nods.  It is worth your time

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