SECRET IN THEIR EYES: This American remake of an Oscar winning Argentinian film has great moments but, I'm told doesn't quite live up to the foreign version. Starring Chiwetel Ejiofor, Julia Roberts and Nicole Kidman, this is the story of two up and coming investigators and their supervisor. The team is thrown into turmoil upon learning that one of their daughters has been murdered. The story begins thirteen years later and proceeds with a series of flashbacks. A bit slow in the beginning, the script soon grabs you, by continually taking twists and turns that are suprisingly easy to follow. Julie Roberts (sans make-up) gives a riveting performance like no other in her career. Kidman, always a treat to watch, is basically wasted here with not much to do except toward the end. And what an ending! You won't see it coming. The picture however, belongs to Ejiofor who is dynamic as the one obsessed with bringing the killer to justice. All in all, a thriller that is genuinely thrilling.

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