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by J. LaRue Watts

My muses have abandoned me
And nowhere do I see'em.
Perhaps they flew away to be
Adored in a museum.  


by J. LaRue Watts

I knew somehow this day would come
But even so, I ache.
And writing this and feeling numb,
My heart about to break,
I try to dwell on happy days
When we were both so young
And all ahead was still a haze
Of many songs unsung.
We children played and dreamed our dreams

And grew close like no other.
He was my cousin, though it seems
He felt more like my brother.
He always kept me on my toes
And did so with great wit.
He has it still and heaven knows,
It is a lovely fit.
Alas, my God has called him home,

But there is no grim reaper.
He'll have to smile because Jerome
Has been his brothers keeper.
So comfort me with no sad songs
But give him hymns of praise.
Through all my rights and all my wrongs,
He gave me golden days. 


by J. LaRue Watts

Because the green bean casserole
Is buried deep within my soul. 
The turkey and the candied yam
Will illustrate just who I am.
I'm mashed potatoes, gravy too;
The relish tray on which I chew.
And would I not be at a loss
Without that certain berried sauce?
So, if you think that pumpkin pies
Are simply blessings in disguise,
You are, my friend, to say the least,
Like me, the Captain of your feast.
And once our day has taken flight,

'Leftover' dreams will haunt the night.
And we shall wait for Friday's coda---
Bicarbonate of soothing soda.
And all to prove that life is sweet
For you and I are what we eat.

by J. LaRue Watts 

If you have candy not consumed
By Halloween's trick or treaters,
Fear not, my friend, you are not doomed.
Your life will just grow sweeter.
Pick up a bar, a morsel or two.
Place into your mouth and simply chew.
Your taste buds will run riot.
Tomorrow, start your diet!


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