MONEY MONSTER: Jodie Foster directs this thriller starring George Clooney as an investment guru and Julie Roberts the director of his TV show named appropriately "Money Monster."  A young man whom we come to know as Kyle interrupts the broadcast and takes Clooney hostage, demanding to get some answers as to why he lost his life savings in a stock that Clooney had recommended.   Forcing the Clooney character to wear a bomb, he has his finger on the detonator throughout the film.  Needless to say, this is real "edge of your seat" film making.   And while you get a glimpse of how TV shows are made and how the stock market works, it the end it is just a wonderful thrill ride.  Jack O'Connell as the disgruntled Kyle turns in an indelible performance.   Mr. O'Connell is British but his New York accent is spot-on and he holds his own admirably against the veterans stars.  In summation, if you like this type of film, you can't go wrong with this one.  It's funny, suspenseful, and extremely entertaining.   Put your money on it.

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