A HOLOGRAM FOR THE KING: A pleasant enough comedy that stars Tom Hanks as a businessman trying to make a deal in Saudi Arabia. Needless to say the clash of cultures is part of the fun with supporting roles played admirably by Alexander Black as Tom's taxi driver on more than one occasion and Sarito Choudhury as a doctor he meets and (spoiler alert) falls in love with;  While the exotic locale is staggering in it's bleekness and at the same time eerily beautiful, it wears thin after a while.   I'm not sure what drew Mr. Hanks to this script but if it wasn't for him and his star power, I'm afraid the movie would fall flat.  One leaves the theater feeling strangely unfullfilled and somewhat cheated.   As I said, it's pleasant.   But that's about it.  I'd skip this one if I had it to do over.

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