THE BOSS:  This latest outing from Melissa McCarthy and her director husband Ben Falcone delivers some hard laughs but not nearly enough to keep this one afloat. Ms. McCarthy plays a "Suze Orman" type who gets sent to prison for "insider trading" and upon her release, discovers she has lost everything (except for one loyal friend played by Kristen Bell)  So the whole movie is basically about rebuilding her life (self-esteem included).  Ms. McCarthy and Mr. Falcone also wrote the screenplay along with Steve Mallory and therein lies the problem... They needed a boss to say, "That's not funny, just vulgar."  Along the way, Kathy Bates is totally wasted in a "cameo" performance and Gayle King shows up for one lame joke...."Nobody spells Gayle with a "y."  It's pretentious."  To my way of thinking, the whole movie was.

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