HELLO, MY NAME IS DORIS: This is a rather bittersweet, endearing comedy with some dramatic moments, starring a wonderful Sally Fields as an "older" woman looking to kick-start her life again.  At the film's opening, we find Doris grieving for her mothers demise and faced with life alone.  At work, a new employee (a much younger Max Greenfield catches her eye) and the fantasies take over. Now Doris has some problems... she is a hoarder (a trait inherited from dear old mom) and some low self esteem....And that's about all you need to know.   The film is full of surprises, twists and turns, funny dialog and in the end is thoroughly enjoyable.  Part of that enjoyment comes from the performance of Tyne Daly as Doris's best friend, Roz, who tries to keep her rational as she pursues her "dream" man....Pursues may be the wrong word......She stalks the guy!   But is's all great fun to watch it unfold and Fields performance doesn't hit one wrong note.  Happy ending?  Not, for me to say.

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