THE WALK 3D:  This dramatized account of Philippe Petit's walk between the twin World Trade Towers  is a real stunner.  Starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt in a piece of brilliant casting, we learn of the beginnings of his fascination with wire walking under the mentorship of Ben Kingsley as an aging circus high wire artist.  Before long Petit becomes a street performer in Paris and one day reads of the towers that are under construction in New York.  Determined to “hang” his wire between them, his plan takes flight.  A bit slow in the beginning, it is still never dull with Gordon-Levitt providing narration from a perch atop the Statue of Liberty’ torch with the towers glimmering in the background as a reminder of what is to come.  And what a “Third Act” it is!  Humorous, suspenseful and breathtaking in scope, this is one that is worthy of the 3D process.  Frankly, you’ve never seen anything like it.  Directed by Robert Zemeckis, it becomes a tribute to the two buildings as well as Petit and one I recommend unless you are afraid of heights. It is simply astonishing!

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