BRIDGE OF SPIES:  Director Steven Spielberg continues his winning streak of great films with this fictionalized story of true events.  Tom Hanks (his fourth pairing with Spielberg) gives another Oscar worthy performance as lawyer James Donovan who is chosen to defend Soviet spy Rudolph Abel in an effort to show “due process.”  After Abel’s sentencing, U-2 pilot Gary Powers is shot down during a secret mission and the CIA turns to Donovan to negotiate a prisoner exchange. He must do it on his own with both governments not wanting it to be known of their involvement.   While not what you would call a typical thriller, the film is nonetheless thrilling as the plot takes many twists and turns.  Mark Rylance gives a stunning, nuanced performance as Abel with other supporting roles filled by Alan Alda and Amy Ryan.  This may well be on the Oscar list next year in the Best Picture category as well as nods to Hanks and Rylance.  If you are a fan of good old fashioned movie making and especially the way Spielberg does them, this is one for your “must see” list.  It is a classic and deservedly so.

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