LOVE AND MERCY:  In this true story of the Beach Boy's Brian Wilson, we have two superb actors taking on the role. First, Paul Dano as the 1960's version when Wilson struggled to write his pop masterpiece "Pet Sounds" and slowly lost his sanity.  And then, John Cusack playing the broken man in the 80's seeking liberation from his overbearing doctor (Paul Giamatti in another thrilling performance) while falling in love with a woman who gives him hope (Elizabeth Banks).   The two time frames switch back and forth giving the audience an overview of how things became the way they were.  This is not your "run-of-the-mill" biopic with songs thrown in.   Actually the score is rather reserved with just bits and pieces of the Beach Boys songs but enough to make you recognize them instantly.  If I had to sum this movie up with one word, that word would be "Brilliant."   And as a footnote, I might add it's unlike anything you've seen before. A minor, but heartfelt masterpiece.  

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