SAN ANDREAS 3D:   First of all, I'm a sucker for "disaster" flicks and this one is a Doozy with a capital D as in Destruction.  By films end there is hardly a building standing in Los Angeles, San Francisco and any number of towns in between.  And what fun!   No spoilers from me, although it is tempting.  Wait till you see what they did to…. Shut up!   Our hero is Dwayne Johnson a helicopter pilot who must navigate from Los Angeles (after rescuing his estranged wife) to San Francisco to try to rescue his grown daughter (and the boyfriend she has acquired along the way, not to mentions his little brother).  In a secondary story line, we get the wonderful Paul Giamatti as a scientist who had predicted the big one and now is fighting to get the word out.   Now the plot is not what matters here.  It’s the effects, stupid!  We opted to see it in 3D and certainly got our money’s worth.   A lot of edge-of-your-seat stuff and some vistas that will just blow you away.  Oops, there goes the Golden Gate Bridge! Did I say no spoilers?  Sorry about that.

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