SPY: Melissa McCarthy plays Susan Cooper, basically a desk jockey for the CIA. Using high tech equipment, she helps her co-worker Bradley Fine (a dashing Jude Law in OO7 mode) avoid danger. You might call her a guardian angel. But the angel soon wrangles her way into an undercover assignment of her own. And then the fun begins. With a wonderful cast that includes Allison Janney as her superior, Miranda Hart as her best friend, Jason Statham as a rival agent with Bobby Cannavale and Rose Byrne filling the roles of the evil-doers, the movie still belongs to McCarthy. From the opening credits (ala The Bond films) it’s non-stop mayhem and mirth. The jokes are funny (albeit blue at times) and I found myself laughing out loud at the witty dialog. The scenery is no slouch either, taking us to Paris, Rome and Budapest with chases thrown in for good measure. Not your usual car chases, but McCarthy on a scooter in hot pursuit. While one could call it a spoof of the espionage genre, it’s more like someone threw a banana peel or two into the plot. It’s just plain old slapstick at times and that’s was fine by me. It fact the whole movie was fine. Fine and Dandy.

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