THE AGE OF ADALINE: Although this film falls into the realm of fantasy, it is nonetheless a love story starring Blake Lively as a young woman who is rendered ageless after an accident. She spends the next several decades hiding her secret and changing her name as the need arises. As her daughter (Ellen Burstyn) grows old, she is resigned to the life that fate has dealt her. Until she meets a young man on one New Year’s Eve. Ellis, played to perfection by Michiel Huisman, pursues her and in time convinces her to meet his parents (Harrison Ford and Kathy Baker). And then, everything changes. If you can buy the premise (and I did) you are in for a fascinating journey. And while the film is quite likable, I never really fell in love with it. But perhaps, I’m too jaded in my old age and should find my own personal Adaline within.

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