THE WATER DIVINER:  Directed by and starring Russell Crowe, this film follows the journey of an Austrailian farmer who travels to war torn Turkey to try and find his three missing sons (or their remains) after the ravages of Gallipoli in WWI.  Thrust into a culture shock of sorts, he finds solace in a small hotel where he is helped by the owner and her small son.  Crowe does himself proud in his directorial debut, making the movie part adventure, part war film and always entertaining.  A slice of life you have most likely not seen before, I recommend this for the attention to detail and the wonderful script, not to mention the excellent cast of mostly Turkish actors.  There is a touch of mystery along the way as to what happened to the sons, and a climactic scene that had me in tears.  The movie is quick-paced, never dull and made me anxious to see what Mr. Crowe will helm next.  I’ll be first in line.

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