MONKEY KINGDOM: Between 1948 and 1960, The Walt Disney Company released a series of documentaries called "True Life Adventures" with titles including "The Living Desert" and "The Vanishing Prairie" and they picked up a total of eight Oscars in the process. Fade out....Fade in....Within the last few years Disney has chosen to re-visit the documentary format under the banner "Disney Nature" The latest addition is "Monkey Kingdom." And, yes, it has a plot. Narrated with great humor by Tina Fey, this is the story of Maya, a monkey of the lowest rank in the echelon of the kingdom and her attempt to achieve some status. While having a newborn, Kip, creates a myriad of problems, there are many other things to worry about as well… a monitor lizard, bears, the monsoon and a rival tribe. Yes, it’s a jungle out there. Specifically, the jungles of Sri Lanka in all their lush glory. And there is a monkey raid on a quest for food into civilization and a funny encounter with a domesticated dog. As you can surmise by now, this is a family film told with warmth, some sadness and the joy of existence. The Disney folks know their stuff and that famous mouse must have had a monkey for an uncle.

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