McFARLAND, USA:  Based on a true story, this film stars Kevin Costner, Maria Bello and an exceptional cast of young Latino actors.  It follows Jim White (Costner) as he and his family try to adapt to the largely Hispanic community they have moved to for his job.  As the PE coach, he soon tries to form a cross country track team, having noticed the buried potential of several high school boys who must run back and forth from their work in the fields to school and back.   No cars for these kids. As he struggles along, this becomes a story that will make you forget the stereotypes you have seen before.  And it is ultimately a "feel good" movie.  And there ain't nothing wrong with that.    I even shed a few tears along the way so I recommend it for it's warm heart and colorful slice of the Latino life.   Running never was more compelling.

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  1. We saw McFarland, USA with our 19 year-old grandson and we all three thought it was great. What a treat to experience a movie that spans the age levels.