WOMAN IN GOLD: Another jewel in the crown of Helen Mirren, this true story tells of an elderly Jewish woman who, along with a reluctant (at first) lawyer played superbly by Ryan Reynolds eventually sue the Austrian government for the return of a painting stolen by the Nazis in WWII. At times poignant, at times funny, this film is always brilliant. With a supporting cast including Daniel Bruhl, Katie Holmes and Charles Dance. Elizabeth McGovern and Jonathon Pryce also show up in cameo roles. While Mirren turns in another bravura performance, I was really impressed by Reynolds and his range as an actor. No comedy, this. In fact, the film which bounces back and forth between Los Angeles and Vienna in the 80's and Austria during the war is more of an adventure (Will they escape the Nazis? Will the painting be returned?) I'm sure you can figure out that we will have a happy ending. But, the ending (that last scene) is so well done, that I was reduced to tears. Directed by Simon Curtis, this one is pure gold!

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