INTERSTELLAR: An ambitious and thrilling film on many levels. it succeeds in most. Matthew McConaughey and Ann Hathaway lead a stellar (no pun intended) cast that includes John Lithgow, Ben Affleck, Michael Caine, Jessica Chastain with Bill Irwin voicing Tars, the robot. Another top star shows up about halfway through (I'm not saying who). The earth is on the brink of destruction with plaques and famine rampant and a team of "astronauts" is sent into space to try and find a place where mankind can survive. That's the plot but forget everything you know about relativity, gravity and even love. This movie changes all that and includes a bit of a mystery along the way as the story splits between the explorers and those left behind. And the "third act" will blow you away, visually topping that other space pic, 2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY. You will have many questions at the end, but the ride is worth it.

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