BIRDMAN: The reviews are in for this film and I wanted to see for myself. So, let me tell you, there is some stunning camera work, some brilliant performances (Michael Keaton, Edward Norton, Emma Stone, Naomi Watts) and yet, I still had the feeling after the first hour that this was the most pretentious film ever made. Then it grabbed me. No need to go over plot here... Superhero actor trying for a "comeback" on the Broadway stage. But amid the confusion (WTF is going on here?) it finally becomes appaarent that the director is trying to tell us what is wrong with the current state of the arts (and celebrity) in America. The masses want "action," '"superheros" and chaos as opposed to thought provoking pieces (an idea our hero fights but his alter-ego buys whole-heartedly.) Now, granted, this is just my take on the film. but leaving the theater I heard a patron say "Much ado about nothing." So perhaps he just didn't get that the film was about him. And about us all and our need for instant gratification in the form of a good car crash. So, this movie is not for everyone but don't be surprised at it's mention when award season comes around.

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