ALICE THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS:  Although director James Bobin pulls all the stops out in this sequel to Time Burton's "Alice in Wonderland" film and while it is visually superb, it is almost overwhelming at times with so much to take in.   That being said, it is a joy to behold most of the time but rather confusing in the plot department.  Mia Wasakowska returns as Alice along with Johnny Depp (The Mad Hatter) and Helena Bonham Carter (The Red Queen).and Anne Hathaway (The White Queen). Added to the mix this time around is Sacha Baron Cohen as Time.I also point out that the film is dedicated to the late Alan Rickman who does the voice of the caterpillar/blue butterfly. The film centers around the death of the Hatters family.  But Alice can go back in time (through the mirror) and save them.   And after what seemed like hours of CGI, she does.  What did you expect?  It's a Disney film.   All in all, I rather liked some of it but thought the whole thing was overblown, overdone and overseen by a committee determined to make a blockbuster.  So, sad to say, Mr. Bobin is no Tim Burton.

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