ROOM:  This riveting film has two of the best performances you will ever see, Brie Larson and Jacob Tremblay, both SAG award nominees. The film and Ms. Larson are also Oscar hopefuls and she may well win.   The movie centers around the relationship between a mother and her five-year old son, both held captive in a room by the mother's kidnapper since she was a teenager with the boy being a result of that kidnapping.  Although it sounds like a difficult story to take, it is strangely uplifting and the performance of young Mr. Tremblay will haunt you for days.  Watching him (after they escape) seeing the outside world for the first time is absolutely amazing.   Simple choices we all take for granted become new adventures.  Learning to climb stairs.   The magic of a leaf.  It is just pure wonderland for this boy.  But, of course there are downfalls too.  But you'll get not spoilers from me.
So if you relish brilliant young actors, this is a must see. A perfect movie in all departments.

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