SPECTRE:  Daniel Craig is back as Bond, James Bond.   And you know what you're in for.  This franchise is as thrilling as ever and seems to be always new in some way. I won't go into the plot here but suffice it to say Mr. Bond is on the trail of a sinister organization known as Spectre.  Supporting players include Christop Waltz as Bond's evil nemisis and Ralph Fiennes playing M.  Moneypenny is back as well, portrayed by the stunning British actress Naomie Harris.   And let's not forget Q, humorously enacted by Ben Whitshaw.  Let me say that the great thing about this film lies in the fact that all of Bond's usual cronies come to his aid and get involved.  The climactic scene is just fun to watch and edited brilliantly.  Kudos to Lea Seydoux as the love interest and Monica Bellucci, (at 51) the oldest "Bond girl" to date.  So, if you love Bond (and who doesn't?) you can't miss this one.  Slick, gorgeously photographed (Rome, Mexico City, London and Austria) it is a feast for the senses.  And that last closing credit assuages any doubts we may have --- James Bond will return.

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