TRAINWRECK: Amy Schumer stars as Amy (what else?) in this romantic, albeit raunchy, comedy from director Judd Apatow. Having had the thought that monogamy is a pipe dream drilled into her brain at an early age by her rascal of a father, the grownup Amy lives by that credo filling her life with a series of one-night stands . And then she meets Aaron (Bill Hader), a sports medicine doctor that she is assigned to write about in a profile piece for the magazine she works for. Soon enough, her promiscuity begins to nag at her and everything starts to change. Written by Ms. Schumer, the film has a nice balance between pop culture and meaningful insights into the human condition and the give and take in relationships. Oh, yes there are laughs. Raunchy, though they me be, they are in abundance. Tilda Swinton (as Amy’s boss) and LaBron James (as himself) add comedic touches to the supporting roles and at least a half-dozen cameos from the basketball world as well as show business, are thrown in for good measure. If you have trouble with foul language and some nudity, this may not be for you. But the audience I saw it with was having a rip-roaring good time. And so did I.

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