TOMORROWLAND: From the Disney Studios, this sci-fi excursion into the future is led by George Clooney with able assist from Britt Robertson and Raffer Cassidy. The plot is too intricate to go into here and I wouldn't give away anything anyway. Suffice it to say, this is a film with a message (if a bit preachy at the end) and the special effects are dazzling to behold. What happens to the Eiffel Tower alone is worth the price of admission. Along the way we, have some bad-guy robots, some spectacular CGI work and from the opening Disney castle credit, I was hooked. Hugh Laurie and Tim McGraw are among the fine supporting cast . This may not be for everyone but it sure worked for me. A bit long, I admit, but I was never bored. And Clooney is a standout as the disillusioned former boy-genius inventor who wants none of it but can't resist the appeal of uncharted terriorty. And his two teenage female sidekicks are superb. Good old-fashioned Disney story telling.

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